Financial Wellness 101 @ Home Retreat

Savvy Financial Wellness™
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Protect your time and create a safe space for financial wellness with the Savvy Financial Wellness 101 @ Home Retreat.

  • Unsure how to grow your finances in the current economy?
  • Need funds for your child's education?
  • Want to make sure your income is replaced if you are unable to work?

Learn safe financial growth principles in the comfort of your home. This is an at-home experience with recommended beverages, e-journal, journal note-taking prompts, and exclusive access to financial education. The retreat consists of the following sessions:

Session 1: Faith & Finances

Session 2: Guilt-Free Finances

Session 3: Cash & Career

Session 4: Your Fabulous Future Self

The content is designed to last 76 minutes, not including the necessary time for centering yourself, session reflections, and journaling throughout. Dedicate a morning, afternoon, or evening to these restorative sessions together.

@ Home Retreat Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what financial wellness means and how to move toward having peace with provision.
  2. Free yourself from the guilt of feeling financially insecure or constantly in competition.
  3. Identify necessary steps to take that maximize your finances across various career milestones.
  4. Understand the big picture of financial options that can support closing the economic gap, by equipping yourself, your family, and your community.

Note from Jennifer:

As a third-generation financial professional and prior college management course professor, I take the reflective journey with women leaders to launch and organize their portfolio in preparation to enjoy work-optional living. This also involves helping clients plan in advance for income during any unexpected illness.

A financial coaching session for the same amount of time as this retreat would be a $275 investment. So, join us here for free, or name your price to help support the hours we put into creating this.

I partner with driven women and moms on their financial journey from getting college paid for to retirement planning™. With my safer strategies, clients experience financial stress relief and the freedom to care for family and maintain their lifestyle. I can't wait to hear how this at-home retreat transforms your financial outlook.

xx JE

@ Home Retreat Host: Jennifer Edwards, PhD, MBA, Licensed Financial Professional & Founder of Savvy Financial Wellness™

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Four @ Home, Self-Paced Retreat Modules


Financial Wellness 101 @ Home Retreat

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